Submitted by Kate Merriam on 5 October, 2017 - 16:32.

In 2015, the Big Lottery Fund commissioned Parents 1st to carry out an evidence review exploring if and how volunteering, peer support and ‘community champions’ projects can support the three A Better Start child development outcomes. In addition, Parents 1st were asked to create a framework and tools to support organisations and projects to develop and deliver volunteer projects. 

This review is intended to support the design, development and implementation of science/evidence-based programmes to improve outcomes in pregnancy and early life for children aged 0-4. 

The learning from this evidence review can be applied in multiple fields of practice and is not just relevant to early child development. The key messages in the report are applicable to anyone who works in a volunteer project. Each message can be traced back to the evidence in this report, and was judged to be important following workshops with all five ABS partnerships. 

To find out more about the six key principles and features of successful volunteer projects please read the Parents 1st volunteering evidence review findings here.   Also available to download are the accompanying framework and tools to help use the findings from the evidence review in practice to develop and deliver volunteer projects.