The third A Better Start Learning and Development event was held in Nottingham on 29th and 30th September 2016 putting a focus on the social and emotional development outcome.  The event was co-hosted by Small Steps, Big Changes, and included all the A Better Start sites.  Materials from the event are linked to below.  Each of the presentations was also filmed and will be available to view in full, with links available shortly. The guide providing an overview of the event has been made available here.

Experts and inspirational speakers delivered presentations on the latest research, policy and practice in the field of social and emotional development.

The presenters were:  

  • Phyllis Brackenbury, Programme Director of Small Steps, Big Changes who welcomed us to Nottingham.
  • Hilary Kennedy spoke about Video Interaction Guidance - an intervention through which a practitioner uses video clips to enhance communication within relationships.
  • Dr Amanda Jones spoke about parent-infant psychotherapy, using a powerful case example (paper to follow).

Bringing together the research and materials presented at the event we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources, publications and research on social and emotional development.