The second A Better Start Learning and Development event was held in Bradford on 14th and 15th June 2016 putting a focus on the Language and Communication outcome.  The event was co-hosted by Better Start Bradford, and included all the A Better Start sites.  Materials from the event are linked to below.  Each of the presentations was also filmed and will be available to view in full. Links will be uploaded here shortly. The event guide that was given to attendees has been made available here.

Experts and inspirational speakers delivered presentations on the latest research, policy and practice in the field of speech, language and communication. There was opportunity for attendees to share learning and ideas and to make connections, with table discussions on “How well are current A Better Start activities addressing inequalities in early language development?” and “How could we promote a culture of talking with babies?”

The presenters were:  

  • Dr Michelle Peter from the ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD) opened the second day of the event with her presentation titled: ‘Talk to your baby: how adults promote and shape language growth’ (Please note there are short film clips in this presentation that will be available to view through the filmed presentation) 
  • A Better Start’s Development and Learning Advisors Dr Alice Haynes and Heather Ransom, chaired discussions on ‘How can we promote a culture of talking with babies?
  • Drs Silke Fricke and Claudine Bowyer-Crane from the Universities of Sheffield and York. gave the final presentation of the conference and chaired discussions on the 'Priorities for A Better Start.'

Bringing together the research and materials presented at the event we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources, publications and research on language, speech and communication.