About: The EvaluationTeam

The evaluation team is drawn from a number of universities and research organisations bringing subject and methodological expertise to successfully evaluate and disseminate the learning from A Better Start.
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About: Evaluation and Learning

The Big Lottery Fund is investing in a substantial evaluation and learning contract forĀ A Better Start Programme. The robust evaluation of ABS, which will run throughout the 10-year period of the programme, is focusing on the setup, implementation and effectiveness of the programme within and across the areas. Dissemination of learning across the areas involved and more widely, will ensure that the lessons in terms of what works, for whom, and why, are identified and widely shared.
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About: The Programme

There is strong evidence that the first few years of life build the foundations for future health and wellbeing and, that taking a preventative approach together with systems changes in local agencies can improve the life chances of babies and children. However, these interventions have yet to be tested at scale.
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